Insul-Coustic Contracting (PTY) Ltd has just finished a totally new concept of insulating piping which is directly aimed at the underground mining industry but could also benefit the above ground projects.

The new design was brought about by the demand from one of the major mines.

The product utilises a safe, proven quality insulation core/s from two of South Africa's top installation suppliers and utilises a multi-plicity of new features not least of which is an installation time of only 25 seconds to install 1 metre of pipe insulation underground on average (compared with similar in-situ systems which normally require 10 - 30 minutes / line. metre if not longer).

View our new Press Release to find out some of the amazing features of the encapsulator system.

WARNING: If you are about to design, budget for or place an order for thermal insulation to a chilled water or low temperature pipeline consider this new concept of pipe insulation before making your final decision.

C.W Piping for underground mining air-conditioning
I.C.C insulated 1400 lin metres of 300m piping at their factory in Midrand prior to delivering the pre-insulated pipes to Beatrix mine.
Each pipe was 10m in length and had a  mass of more than two tons and a steel wall thickness of between 25mm to 33mm.

Supply and installation of A/C (air conditioning) ducting

I.C.C successfully completed a supply and installation contract for the A/C ductowrk for the new change rooms at Alusaf, Hillside, Richards Bay.

Hot air duct insulation and cladding

Major hot air duct insulation and cladding contracts were carried out at the Nestlé Coffee Factory in Estcourt and also BMW's new Paintshop and Ovens at Rosslyn.

Maintenance on Air Conditioning Ducting

Repairs and resurfacing to the internal facings of the main A/C ducting at Senwes main offices was carried out by I.C.C. working a 24hr shift system over a weekend to avoid any downtime and ensure that the large office staff "kept their cool"!
Following on from this I.C.C were then awarded a similar contract for the A/C ducting at Rand Afrikaans University in Gauteng which was completed at the end of 1999.


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