Cold Insulation:

The 21m diameter Butadiene holding sphere at Richards Bay Bulk Storage, Kwa Zulu Natal required to be stripped and re-insulated whilst still continuing in operation. Spark-free conditions were therefore implemented by Insul-Coustic which required the use of wet grit blasting, moisture displacing paints and water repellent insulation. The final product has proved so efficient that the client does not require to utilise the product cooling system resulting in further cost savings. This type of venture has never been attempted before in Africa.

Stainless steel cladding:

The Brewing vessels at Caledon Breweries in the Cape area were insulated and clad with a stainless steel finish to meet to the strict requirements of the food and beverage industry.

Composite, insulated cladding:

The Sugar Silos for S.A. Sugar were insulated using composite, laminated polyurethane I.B.R. cladding with vapour proof joints.

Refrigeration piping and vessels:

A class one insulation specification was incorporated at Impala Platinum Mines, Rustenburg for the refrigeration Plant utilising bitumin coatings, multi layer Foil-to-Mylar vapour barriers, second generation phenolic foams, protective insulation and aluminium cladding.


Acoustical wall panelling

The reception area, conference rooms and mobile partitions at Liberty Life's new Conference Centre in Parktown, JHB were clad with 'State of the Art' removable Acoustic Panels which utilised high strength magnetic fixings and spring loaded bases whilst remaining aestically pleasing to the critical eye of an interior designer.

Sound Absorption

The magnificent MTN Sundome at Northagte, JHB was acoustically insulated to meet world class concert performance standards by Insul-Coustic Contracting using custom designed, sound deadening curtain blinds, 250-OFF bass trap columns, 4100m2 of sound absorbing wall cladding and 7000m2 of suspended, acoustical absorbers.

Theatre and Restaurant acoustic insulation

The new 'VODAWORLD' complex in Midrand, Gauteng boasts of excellent acoustics in the entertainment centre due to acoustical wall cladding, low frequency wave columns and spray applied exterior roof insulation.

The Restaurant roof was also spray coated to dampen noise from highway traffic, aircraft and hail.

Sound Absorbing canopy:

The vehicle identification equipment at Nissan's automobile required a noise hood to reduce the sound to the below the factory act's acceptable noise level. This unit is self-supporting, demountable and includes acoustic viewing windows and self-closing access door.The unit also accommodates continuous exit and entry whilst containing noise levels to government standards

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