Carnival City Big Top Arena and Mardi-Gras Theatre, Brakpan

The acoustical insulation for both these buildings was completed in "record breaking" time by I.C.C to accomodate the arrival of the Moscow State Circus and the Millenium Celebrations.

Low frequency sound traps were provided and installed in both venues to contain unwanted bass waves.

Caesar's Casino Complex in Kempton Park

Sound isolation to the walls and roof of the entertainment theatre has created  an acoustical ambience suitable for a "Broadway" play or musical.

Again "cylindrical bass traps" were utilised with great effect in this theatre.

The roof has also been treated to suppress noise from highway traffic, aircraft and hail.

New Radio & T.V. Sation in Gaberone, Botswana

The huge television and news rooms were fitted out with "state of the art" absorptive insulation on the walls and ceilings by I.C.C.

"Floating" floor for Liberty Life's new Sandton Convention Centre

Perceived to be the largest "floating" acoustical floor ever installed in Southern African (4000m2).

This project has been undertaken by I.C.C. and utilises twenty-eight hundred mechanical anti-vibration jacks which lift and suspend the concrete floor slab to create a "dead air" space condusive to achieving sound isolation.

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